Freshdesk.Net has been updated to add unicode support for query parameters and has been released as version 0.4. Many thanks to Joseph Poh for his work in contributing the patch! As always, the update is available from NuGet or from our github repo.

Github users may notice we have a nice build status badge now. Many thanks to Ken Dale (@kendaleiv) for his continuous integration talk at Code on the Beach for inspiring me to set it all up! To pull off the continuous integration on Travis-CI, the test project was changed to use NUnit instead of the Visual Studio testing suite. This change allows for use in Xamarin Studio and full Mono support.

In other news, a silly app I built was rejected (rightfully so) by Apple for being of no value and only serving a niche audience. I thought the whole thing was a little funny and haven’t really been bothered by it. I do, however, have a fantastic app on the near horizon that is useful (if you coach co-ed kickball or base/softball) and should be a lot of fun. Look for it soon at